Euresponsible has developed a catalogue of 15 criteria companies must meet to become listed in the Euresponsible Index. The criteria reflect international recommendations on sustainable corporate behaviour but have been simplified to make them applicable for companies of different size. Implementation of such criteria by as many companies as possible is key for establishing a better market.

However, companies must prove that they can meet all criteria at a very high level, exceeding legal requirements. Only then can they be lighthouse examples.

The key performance indicators (KPIs) for economic, ecologic and social sustainability that companies may use to earn a good rating

  • go beyond legal requirements
  • are measurable
  • are relevant
  • are based on factual implementation.

Companies will have to provide evidence for a company wide implementation. They need to prove that their approach to sustainability is holistic and earnest. Data will be handled confidentially. However, the results of the audit will be presented to the general public in a summary for the Index.  

Social commitment

  • Humane working conditions (including suppliers)
  • Friendly job design (flexible towards employees, no stretch-assignments)
  • Prevents discrimination (including suppliers)
  • Supports social projects
  • Anti-corruption and anti-bribery guidelines

Environmental protection

  • Acts environment-friendly (including suppliers)
  • Forward-looking eco-protection (products and production)
  • Increases ecological consciousness
  • Helps spread environment-friendly technology
  • Supports ecologic projects

Market stability

  • Produces in its sales markets (region, i.e. EU)
  • Invests in jobs in the EU
  • Pays high wages (above market average)
  • No tax avoidance or tax evasion
  • Supports regional supply chains (within EU)